Heart and Smuppets

((Ew my internet works like shiet. Btw I wanted to tell ya that I will not able to post for a few days (something like until wednesday) cause where I am now I don’t have wifi on the computer. It will be possible for me to read the questions from the cellphone and draw the answer anyway, I’ll just post the bunch of things when I’ll be back at home! So you can continue to send asks! Stay awesome my dears ♥))

heeeyyyy i received a lot of asks about the “<3” thing and I don’t want to do just the first five, so, progressively, during these days, when I’ll have time, I’ll try to do them all! now i’m too tired lol 

guys, seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I turned for a while and—

that number appeared omg


so ask, ask, ask, tomorrow I’ll draw the answers! 

I love you all, ty so much for the support i’m screaming o m Fg

like, ok, typical teen, doesn’t sleep, lives on internet and sucks blood.

For the first 5 people to send me a “<3” I will design our lovechild.
☯ = youre hella rad yo ☁✿

awww thank you so much bb <3 ))

✿✄ Σ♕♔☯

omg thank you so much!! And don’t be scared, I’d love to talk to you too!))

((★✿♔☁ (WONK)))

((oh dear we can talk in every moment! ;w;)/ ))